The New, The Shiny

Just doing a little showing off of the new (newish) stuff.

I finished the revised Thor necklace as well.

Pictures await. Continue reading “The New, The Shiny”


Fuckery that really needs attention

So Lucius Svartwulf Helson and Halstead have had their own war going on between the two. I’ve enjoyed the posts by Lucius but like I said before I usually try to stay out of the drama (as much as I actually like Lucius).

But in a comment on this post, Halstead has changed my decision to stay out of it.

In a comment he called Lucius’s Gods “sad little gods”. Keep in mind (if you didn’t figure out from this name) Lucius is a Heathen. I can tolerate attacking a person (to an extent) but start insulting my Gods, and it won’t go well for you.

Here is links to all the posts Lucius made:

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Everyone wants to save the world part 1

Everyone wants to save the world part 2

To Quote Nox: “I Warned You!” Part 1

To Quote Nox: “I Warned You!” Part 2

I am not by any means under any impression that I’m a “Big Name” but keep in mind this “Atheist Pagan”, I put it in quotes because it is on of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, is insulting our Gods and I won’t stand by for it.

Please share this shit out of this. Share it and ask others to share. Spread it around as much as you can.

Normally I wouldn’t do something like this but he really brought it on himself.

To say I’m pissed is an understatement.

The Hunt, the Huntress and the Thunderer

Big topic right now considering how early The Hunt started.

I’m going to dance around it a bit.

Building my relationship back up with Thor has been going pretty well so far. It’s definitely slow goings with Him being very busy with what is going on, but still going. I was not doing so good the past few days and He was actually babying me quite a bit yesterday. As a thank you I have a nice new shiny Mjolnir coming in the mail. He told me it wasn’t necessary. The one I normally wear is the first one I got. I’m not getting rid of it by any means, it has sentimental value now. But it is getting old and getting kind of dingy. Not to mention it’s more of a symbol of the relationship almost starting anew (getting the new one I mean).

The closer we have been getting again the more I feel The Hunt. I’ve been getting antsy. Most nights I’ve been getting plenty of sleep but still wake up exhausted. I have a feeling some astral stuff has been going on while I’m asleep but I can never remember any of it.

I almost feel The Hunt calling. It may have some to do with my origins in the Wolf Tribe of Vanaheim. They play a pretty big part in The Hunt. I don’t really feel like I know enough about it though to really be able to talk too much about it.

When Thor comes to me though, he seems kind of exhausted. He has definitely been busy.

Skadi’s energy has been becoming more prominent to me as of late. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it was more in passing. She is calling me to Her again. My reaction is “well Your mark is still on my arm so of course!” She loves The Hunt. She is almost giddy which is really entertaining.

When She left me, I was really sad. She isn’t the warmest most affectionate Jotun, but she really helped me to get through a really hard time. She didn’t do this by babying me, She kicked my ass in gear. I still feel a fierce loyalty to her.

Freya’s reaction to The Hunt? Imagine a gorgeous blond with brilliant blue eyes in a sort of Shieldmaiden outfit skipping with a sword. That pretty well describes it. I’ve never seen her like this before.

Fenrir seems to be avoiding it all, but is trying his best to make up for the time that Thor is gone.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Until next time loves.

Happy Freya’s Day!

October is approaching

Just a little side note first.

I might be a little on the inactive side. Fenrir is requesting I keep some of the relationship work private (understandably so). I will try to post when something starts itching and needs to be shared. But as far as my relationships with Thor and Fenrir, I’m going to be very selective in what I share. Just working on the relationships and with the way things are going right now it is a bit on the sensitive side. Thor has been pretty rare in appearances as of late, working, so that is making things just a tad more difficult (I’m not complaining, its just a fact.)

In other news, I’m starting to feel Skadi touching at the edge of my senses.

I think she is coming back! Seems The Hunt starting so early is bring her around a lot earlier as well.

Any way, now on topic.

October is definitely my favorite month.

First of all, autumn. All things Halloween-y. And just the feel in the air is like pot to me (not crack because it is incredibly relaxing). Fenrir is showing me he has some pretty strong ties to fall as well.

I’m a lot more active spiritually, physically and emotionally during fall. Summer heat drains me to where I’m barely functional. I hide inside in the AC (plus I burn incredibly easily) and just watch TV mostly. During fall I actually go out and do shit and it really lifts my spirit. Not to mention it means the holidays are on their way and I love the holiday season. Just has a warm fuzzy feel to it that I can’t get enough of. My boyfriend tried saying he was a scrooge.  I made sure he knew that wasn’t going to fly with me. I pulled the “you’re going to be happy about the holidays whether you want to or not, and you’re gonna like it!” He doesn’t seem to be too upset about it. I’m getting this Christmas sweater I found. On it it says “Fa la la la la, Valhalla la” with a shield, axe and sword on it. I showed it to him and he wanted one too. I joked about having matching sweaters and he even actually agreed to taking a picture with me of us both wearing it (he hates taking pictures) so I think he is okay with it all.

I’m starting to make plans for October.

I’m going to Pagan Pride in the city. Super excited about that. Going with my best friend and this is the first time either of us has gone. I don’t know what to expect but it will be nice being surrounded by other pagans.

Planning some trips to the local graveyards. I’m going to be ordering soon some crystals for offerings to the spirits. Not so excited about going to visit my grandmother’s grave. I haven’t gone in a long time, and I know it will be emotion filled. She died on my ninth birthday, with me being mad  Freya is pushing for me to bring my boyfriend with me for that reason. What he sees of my is about 70% independent woman who has been single forever and very much prefers to take care of things herself, and about 30% giant dorky goofball (I am the master of weird faces). She insists that he needs to see a much more vulnerable side of me. Not looking forward to that. Not so good at showing my vulnerable side. I’m a Cancer, I hide in my shell when I’m vulnerable.

I’m going to go out and spend as much time as possible outside before it gets too cold.

I’m going to try working getting my tattoo somewhere in there, or at least in November. It is more of a money issue, plus not sure where I’m going to go. Probably going to try the artist that did my best friend’s tat. Also still trying to figure out exactly what it is going to be.

That got a bit rambly.

Until next time loves.

Happy Thor’s day!

Side note

So a little side note that I forgot to add to my last post.

I’m mentioning this because of the whole thing about my brother-in-law calling my younger brother (and myself by the way, but he was a lot more bothered by it than me) crazy for having the kind of relationship with Them that we do.

I explained to him talking to someone who hasn’t experienced this kind of stuff is really difficult (especially if its a tool like my brother-in-law) and most people will think you crazy.

My thought process is there is enough of us out there, and we can’t all be crazy.

So, as someone who has a very close relationship with Them, and sees at least one of Them on a daily basis, I encourage anyone who is in the same boat to contact me if they need someone to talk to.


I am not a trained therapist.

I am not a medical physician/doctor.

I cannot and will not give advise on medication or anything medically related.

That said, I will listen if you want someone to just talk about it. In normal every day life matters, or religion type related things, if asked, I will offer advise if I have any to give.

Feel free to email me at wolfmoonchild09 at gmail dot com.  3

If I don’t reply right away, give me some time. I try to check my email everyday. If we have gone through a conversation and I stop answering it is most likely that I didn’t really have anything to say. I don’t like to say something meaningless just to say something.

Just Thinking

So I have been doing a bit of contemplating on my current situation, religion wise.

My older sister D, had once said about the guy she was dating “He made a deal with God to ……before he was born”. I don’t remember what the thing was. It was forever ago, but the rest of it obviously stuck. At the time, an image of a baby came to mind, talking with YHWH before he was aloud to be born. This was long before I realized I had other options than Christianity, by the way.

Keeping that little tidbit in mind, I’ve been thinking about my personal history and connections to Them.

Was it destined? Was the decision made before I was born?

A lot of what I have been through has brought me to the Northern Path, really to just anything other than Christianity. My family is really what ended up bringing me specifically to Asatru, or being a Heathen, or what ever you want to call it.

The abuse in my childhood from the stepdad that raised me forged a connection to Mani.

About 90% of my relationships have ended in the guy just disappearing. Not even dumping me, just never saw him again. Crying as I try to found out what happened (though my tears aren’t made of gold).

As a child, due to my stepdad’s gambling habit, my mom was working all the time. I had to help raise my younger brother. On many occasions I took over my mother’s duties for one reason or another. As in I cooked dinner for the family, made sure the house was clean, and that my younger brother got done everything he needed. There have been times where I metaphorically held the keys to the house.

After that stepdad, another came. He was much more abusive, though only mentally. No one would stand up to him. I became the protector ( I would have love to beat the shit out of him with a nice sized hammer) of my family members. That feeling of being protective has stuck with me.

Makes all of this feel almost destined to be. Just a thought.

Side note: Saw a goat on my way home yesterday in someone’s yard. Not exactly common where I live.

I get it Thor, I haven’t been paying enough of attention to you.

Please Just Don’t

At this point I’ve been reading quite a few blogs from godspouces or just god touched people.

There is one in particular that was asking “Why does (insert deity name) treat me differently than people I know?” and then goes into a sort of that’s not fair feeling.

You really can’t compare your experience/relationship with a deity to someone else’s experience/relationship. Even if you and the person your comparing to are exactly alike in every way (unlikely, variety is the spice of life) they will still have a different experience because that deity will need something different, or that person will need something different. They can’t go around doing the same thing with every person or nothing would get done.

Example: As everyone know there are so many Loki godspouces (not saying that is necessarily a bad thing) out there. They only talk about how sweet, caring and helpful he is. To me? He is a pain in the ass. I don’t see much of him but when I do he is stirring up so very minor chaos to entertain himself with my reaction, or at least that is  how at seems to me. Only He knows if he is actually accomplishing things there.

I’ve also seen some Odin godspouces. I haven’t seen him described as sweet exactly, but their relationship is very different from mine. To me he is a bit more of a creeper who likes to loom.

It’s awesome if you have similar relationship with a deity as someone else (it’s never going to be exactly the same) so have someone to talk with about said relationship. I’d say don’t count on it too much.

Think about it. Do you treat everyone you come across exactly the same? You feel differently toward certain people, or you need something different (say as in a working type relationship) from certain people. They have feelings, and They need certain shit done too.

Trying to compare your relationship/experience to other’s (especially if it’s not so great) isn’t going to do you any favors. As a matter fact it will make you miserable (or more miserable).

Take your relationship/experience as personal and as it is. If you are wanting to know why it is that way, certainly ponder or that (or try to ask the deity, though you may not like the answer you get), but don’t worry about Their relationship with others.

All that said, don’t push others to have a relationship with (insert deity’s name) because you have such a wonderful experience with them. It probably will not work out for anyone involved.

Small rant over.

Montana – pictures and stuff

Mountains always on the horizon

I actually came back from my trip on Sunday. Have been so busy getting caught up with work, stuff at home, and the blogs I read that I’m finally posting.

clouds everywhere
clouds everywhere

 Took off on last Saturday, after staying the night with Batman. Left Missouri, and had a layover in Seattle, from there landed in Montana at about midnight.

I love flying when I have a window seat. The view is always exquisite view, even if it’s just a bunch of clouds.

Freya was with me on the trip out, looking over my shoulder out the window.

Freya: Beautiful isn’t it?

Me: *nods*

Freya: Imagine flying through those clouds with the wings of a falcon.

I believe this is Mount Rainier
I believe this is Mount Rainier

Went out to the super cool shopping strip an hour from Missoula, where I got some pretty awesome stuff (pictures toward the end).

Most of the week I just kind of chilled out. Not something I get to do much anymore. I slept in, just watched TV while everyone else was at work. My dad took me to lunch a couple times which was nice, and when my sister got off work we would do a bit of running around. When my Dad got off work we would all watch Tutors together, which I found I actually like. My dad got interested in it due to our ancestor Sir Charles Henry Norris’s (or Sir Henry Norris) connection to the story. He was a good friend to Anne Boleyn, and was executed after being accused of having an affair with her (she was executed as well and he wasn’t the only one accused, even her brother was accused).

Spent a bit of time with my nieces. Mostly the younger one because she was grounded at the time.

We also had a hail storm that came out of no where. Biggest hail I’ve ever seen in person.


Kreis Pond
Kreis Pond

Thursday we took off an went camping at Kreis Pond, which is just a man made lake.  We got there late so all we did was set up camp and have a bonfire.

I love bonfires
I love bonfires

The next day we actually went to the lake and took my brother in laws canoe out, which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. Only problem is I got sunburned really badly (which I am still currently trying to heal from). We left the next day. Saturday I took my nieces shopping to get their early


view on the way to Kreis Pond
view on the way to Kreis Pond
the view on the way back from Kreis Pond. Love the mountains. you can almost see my sun burn
the view on the way back from Kreis Pond. Love the mountains. you can almost see my sun burn

 The trip back kind of sucked. Being very sunburned on a fairly crowded flight is not fun.

beautiful labradorite chunk? it has officially become my second favorite stone, after moonstone of course.
it has officially become my second favorite stone, after moonstone of course.
I got the only one with blue eyes. It was meant to be.
I got the only one with blue eyes. It was meant to be.

When I got back in state my parents took me out for lunch and then home. Once home I set up my new treasures.

Got a gorgeous piece of labradorite and two ravens made out of onyx. The ravens are actually set up on opposites sides of my little table, but I put them together for the picture.

In the pictures you can kind of see my little miniatures. In front of the labradorite are my two Freya ones, on to show her warrior side and the other one is a bit more on the loving type side. Behind the ravens you can see the little archer for Skadi. Even though Skadi is no longer an active member of life, I still keep her stuff up.

At the moment I’m working on healing from the sunburn.

I think the vacation was exactly what I needed. Despite the pain I’m in from the sunburn, I don’t feel so drained anymore. I think I was just burned out and needed a break from everything.

This weekend is going to be pretty busy. Tonight staying with the boyfriend, then Saturday he is going to run around with me on errands, and then we are both staying the night at my best friend’s  to go the Ren Faire on Sunday. So excited.

I’m going to try get in some more posts today, and I will definitely post pictures of the Renaissance Faire next week.

Updates on Stuff

So I wanted to first apologize for being super inactive lately, mostly just doing a lot of reblogging which is not what I like to do.

Still having issues with motivation and energy levels.

I didn’t end up going to the Ren Faire, kind of sad, because my best friend forgot about it and chose that day to try to get a second job. Wasn’t happy but completely understood, I know she is needing the second job. We decided on a day after I get back from Montana to go.

Went to Irish Fest this past weekend. Enjoyed it very much. While there we stopped at the shops, the only metaphysical and Celtic stores that I know how to get to. Got two new crystals for my collection and a new tarot deck, which I’m also starting to develop a collection of. The new deck is the “Mystic Fairy Tarot”, lovely artwork and really called to me. I’ll be taking those to Montana with me to try out with my older sister D, remember the one that originally introduced me to Wicca (that I later got out of obviously), and taught me how to do readings.

The sort of big news that is involved here is that I am in a relationship for the first time in over a year. A long time ago I had mentioned a guy friend that I nicknamed Batman. Yea, he asked me to be in an exclusive relationship with him, and I accepted. He has been nothing but sweet and makes me smile constantly. So far there are high hopes for this relationship.

Heading up to Montana this Saturday. I’ve started doing a little packing, as much as I can before I get more laundry done (perpetually doing laundry!). I’m very excited to see my dad, D and my two nieces. My nieces always seem excited, but once I’m there they are always off with their friends just about the whole time. Teenagers, what can you do? Personally, I don’t understand it but I was mostly a home body even when I was young, and loved spending time with family I hardly get to see. I still love them and am in awe of how they are growing up.

My sister is no longer getting married due to complicated insurance reasons involved with her being now pregnant. They had to postpone it and she is very not happy.

I have managed to start getting into a relationship with Mani. Been in contact with him a bit. It’s a difficult thing to do because he is always on the move. I think I’m going to create a separate post on all that.

Not that I have been all that active lately, but while in Montana I won’t be active at all so I’m going to try to get a few posts in before that.

Side note: While I’m there I’m going to try doing a bit of those public shrines. If it works out I’ll post pictures when I get back. Either way I’ll probably post pictures of beautiful Montana. Maybe Skadi will pay me a visit near the mountains.

How I See the Gods

One of the issues I tend to have when trying to find devotional pieces, like statues, is finding ones that fit Them as I see them. I believe everyone sees Them differently because They choose how They look to each person, also everyone’s “vision” is slightly different.

I’ve been trying to find a statue of Thor that I like, and it just seems that it can’t be done.

So I’m going to give you a little view on how I see them. I found images as close to the way I see Them as possible. I really wish I was better at drawing so I could get it more exactly, but I can’t draw people. I can draw anime women, and I’m not the best at that either.

Here we go!



This is the closest image I can find to how he appears to me. Very rugged almost biker type. Maybe he knows that's my type?

Why is every image of Thor so stern? This is the closest I can come to how I see Him. Usually he is pretty happy and has a very warm energy about him.


with golden blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes

This is pretty close, though I never see her with her hair pulled back. This is from an artist I found on etsy. I will probably end up buying this particular piece. Again, usually a smile on her face with a warm energy.



Frigga has a soft kind of energy, almost like someone placing a blanket on you when you fall asleep on the couch. I usually see her with light brown, or darker blonde hair.



Odin is definitely a harder one to find. He is almost always depicted as a Gandalf the Grey type. Always very much older with grey or white hair. Not exactly how I see him. This is the closest I could ever find to how I see the Allfather. This is from the Gods of Asgard graphic novel by Erik Evensen. I actually own this, it’s pretty cool. Worth checking out if you haven’t already. Pretty good price on Amazon. His energy seems to be pretty blocked off, he mostly likes to observe and creep about with me at least. It’s kind of hard to describe.



She was even more difficult to find. I don’t see her with blue skin or red eyes. I see her more as very pale with bluish grey eyes. The white hair is fitting and this is pretty similar to the way I see her hair. Either something like this or in just a simple French style braid, but it is white. Also thin out her lips a bit, and he expression is usually on the stern side. The bone structure is pretty similar though. Typically dawning a cloak. Her energy is very much on the cold side, and feels kind of distant. I spent at least an hour trying to find something. Ugh.


Loki selfie with the Allfather. I just cant.
Loki selfie with the Allfather. I just cant.

I don’t have too many interactions with Loki, but this is the closest I could find what I see. Round out the chin a bit. The energy is actually warm but it always has the feeling of something hidden underneath. Probably because he is planning something. I don’t hate the guy but he can be a real pain in the ass. And I can kind of see him doing this.



Fenrir is the interesting one. I never “saw” him. He kind of did a metaphorical knock on my door. This picture is kind of the best imagery to go along with the wave of energy that came in when I agreed to let him through. Seriously scared me. He was polite enough though. I may give him a change again later, but he will kind of have to work with me a bit.

Other stuff I found:


Hel art. I wanted to share it simply because I think it is absolutely beautiful. Personally, though, I’ve never done any work with Hel.



Two others I came across on the search for pictures. The first one I wanted to post because I find it very sweet. Second one is because the little part on the bottom. Chibi Loki on chibi Thor’s shoulders screaming “Onward Thor!” was too funny. Thor was not amused but Freya and I got a good laugh out of it.

So there you have it folks! This, again, is just what I see/feel. Please share your experience!