Montana – pictures and stuff

Mountains always on the horizon

I actually came back from my trip on Sunday. Have been so busy getting caught up with work, stuff at home, and the blogs I read that I’m finally posting.

clouds everywhere
clouds everywhere

 Took off on last Saturday, after staying the night with Batman. Left Missouri, and had a layover in Seattle, from there landed in Montana at about midnight.

I love flying when I have a window seat. The view is always exquisite view, even if it’s just a bunch of clouds.

Freya was with me on the trip out, looking over my shoulder out the window.

Freya: Beautiful isn’t it?

Me: *nods*

Freya: Imagine flying through those clouds with the wings of a falcon.

I believe this is Mount Rainier
I believe this is Mount Rainier

Went out to the super cool shopping strip an hour from Missoula, where I got some pretty awesome stuff (pictures toward the end).

Most of the week I just kind of chilled out. Not something I get to do much anymore. I slept in, just watched TV while everyone else was at work. My dad took me to lunch a couple times which was nice, and when my sister got off work we would do a bit of running around. When my Dad got off work we would all watch Tutors together, which I found I actually like. My dad got interested in it due to our ancestor Sir Charles Henry Norris’s (or Sir Henry Norris) connection to the story. He was a good friend to Anne Boleyn, and was executed after being accused of having an affair with her (she was executed as well and he wasn’t the only one accused, even her brother was accused).

Spent a bit of time with my nieces. Mostly the younger one because she was grounded at the time.

We also had a hail storm that came out of no where. Biggest hail I’ve ever seen in person.


Kreis Pond
Kreis Pond

Thursday we took off an went camping at Kreis Pond, which is just a man made lake.  We got there late so all we did was set up camp and have a bonfire.

I love bonfires
I love bonfires

The next day we actually went to the lake and took my brother in laws canoe out, which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. Only problem is I got sunburned really badly (which I am still currently trying to heal from). We left the next day. Saturday I took my nieces shopping to get their early


view on the way to Kreis Pond
view on the way to Kreis Pond
the view on the way back from Kreis Pond. Love the mountains. you can almost see my sun burn
the view on the way back from Kreis Pond. Love the mountains. you can almost see my sun burn

 The trip back kind of sucked. Being very sunburned on a fairly crowded flight is not fun.

beautiful labradorite chunk? it has officially become my second favorite stone, after moonstone of course.
it has officially become my second favorite stone, after moonstone of course.
I got the only one with blue eyes. It was meant to be.
I got the only one with blue eyes. It was meant to be.

When I got back in state my parents took me out for lunch and then home. Once home I set up my new treasures.

Got a gorgeous piece of labradorite and two ravens made out of onyx. The ravens are actually set up on opposites sides of my little table, but I put them together for the picture.

In the pictures you can kind of see my little miniatures. In front of the labradorite are my two Freya ones, on to show her warrior side and the other one is a bit more on the loving type side. Behind the ravens you can see the little archer for Skadi. Even though Skadi is no longer an active member of life, I still keep her stuff up.

At the moment I’m working on healing from the sunburn.

I think the vacation was exactly what I needed. Despite the pain I’m in from the sunburn, I don’t feel so drained anymore. I think I was just burned out and needed a break from everything.

This weekend is going to be pretty busy. Tonight staying with the boyfriend, then Saturday he is going to run around with me on errands, and then we are both staying the night at my best friend’s  to go the Ren Faire on Sunday. So excited.

I’m going to try get in some more posts today, and I will definitely post pictures of the Renaissance Faire next week.

Updates on Stuff

So I wanted to first apologize for being super inactive lately, mostly just doing a lot of reblogging which is not what I like to do.

Still having issues with motivation and energy levels.

I didn’t end up going to the Ren Faire, kind of sad, because my best friend forgot about it and chose that day to try to get a second job. Wasn’t happy but completely understood, I know she is needing the second job. We decided on a day after I get back from Montana to go.

Went to Irish Fest this past weekend. Enjoyed it very much. While there we stopped at the shops, the only metaphysical and Celtic stores that I know how to get to. Got two new crystals for my collection and a new tarot deck, which I’m also starting to develop a collection of. The new deck is the “Mystic Fairy Tarot”, lovely artwork and really called to me. I’ll be taking those to Montana with me to try out with my older sister D, remember the one that originally introduced me to Wicca (that I later got out of obviously), and taught me how to do readings.

The sort of big news that is involved here is that I am in a relationship for the first time in over a year. A long time ago I had mentioned a guy friend that I nicknamed Batman. Yea, he asked me to be in an exclusive relationship with him, and I accepted. He has been nothing but sweet and makes me smile constantly. So far there are high hopes for this relationship.

Heading up to Montana this Saturday. I’ve started doing a little packing, as much as I can before I get more laundry done (perpetually doing laundry!). I’m very excited to see my dad, D and my two nieces. My nieces always seem excited, but once I’m there they are always off with their friends just about the whole time. Teenagers, what can you do? Personally, I don’t understand it but I was mostly a home body even when I was young, and loved spending time with family I hardly get to see. I still love them and am in awe of how they are growing up.

My sister is no longer getting married due to complicated insurance reasons involved with her being now pregnant. They had to postpone it and she is very not happy.

I have managed to start getting into a relationship with Mani. Been in contact with him a bit. It’s a difficult thing to do because he is always on the move. I think I’m going to create a separate post on all that.

Not that I have been all that active lately, but while in Montana I won’t be active at all so I’m going to try to get a few posts in before that.

Side note: While I’m there I’m going to try doing a bit of those public shrines. If it works out I’ll post pictures when I get back. Either way I’ll probably post pictures of beautiful Montana. Maybe Skadi will pay me a visit near the mountains.

Stuff Going On

So these next couple weeks, I have a few plans.

This weekend, on Sunday, I am heading to the Renaissance Faire with my best friend. I got my dress for it, which is beautiful. It’s called the “Bonnie Lass”. I love it. I also bought a pair of elf ear cuffs to wear with it. Super excited. I love the Ren Faire. Jousting, pirates, mead, belly dancers, merchants, and other performers. There is a lady that is there every year that has one of the sort of booths/shops of her handmade glass stuff. She sits in front of the little building in full dress, and makes the stuff for people to watch. It’s so cool. She makes little fairies, and dolphins and all kinds of stuff. It’s only $15 a ticket and it is awesome! There is this Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator that is there too. He is amazing, dead on match just looking at him.

Next Sunday, I’m hitting up the Irish Fest. I got my kilt for that endeavor, and a matching pair of elf ear cuffs for that too. Why? Because why not? They have Irish bands, Irish dancers, Irish food and booths selling Irish type stuff. I’m an eighth Irish from my mother’s side and have always had a love for the Emerald Isle, and really all things Celtic. I went last year too and it was really cool, and free. Not to mention the park they are having it at is short walking distance from the only Celtic store and Metaphysical store that I know how to get to.

The Saturday after that my older sister is getting married at the Renaissance Faire. They are having this mass wedding. This was the only way she could afford it right now. I’m happy for her. That and she is apparently pregnant. I have to admit I’m a little jealous. Been having hardcore baby fever since mother’s day, when I was helping my mom pick out baby clothes for my step-sister’s grand daughter (yea she is in her late 30’s and her daughter is 17). That said, I am very happy for her. She had convinced herself she wasn’t able to have kids, and has wanted to for awhile. My personal opinion is that she isn’t ready for a child. Not financially or emotionally. She freaks out over the littlest stuff which doesn’t help that she was diagnosed with depression as a teenager. The freaking out over little stuff is what worries me. I’m worried she is going to stress herself out (like she usually does) that she will end up miscarrying. And that would crush her more than anything else.

The same day as the wedding, I’m taking off for my week long vacation in Montana. I love it up there. You can see mountains from just about anywhere. I would definitely move up there, if it wasn’t for the crap winters and even crappier traffic. I’m excited to spend time with my biological father, my second oldest sister and my two nieces.

That same day

Other than that, not much going on.

I have this feeling I’m just sort of stuck.

I can’t get myself to do anything, and this is starting to cause a distance to form between me and Them, especially Frigga and Freya. It bothers me, and no matter how much I try to push myself, I’m just drained. A big part of it is now being in pain everyday. Tooth pain, one of the few kinds of pain I don’t handle well. Yea, I should go to the dentist but I haven’t been to one since I was a child. Most likely will need at least one tooth pulled. Problem is my job is one that requires talking, so I kind of need my mouth to function, and I can’t afford to take off right now.

It has been getting better over time, but it is draining me. Part of why I haven’t posted much as of late, that and doing my research nerd thing. I really do love learning.

Thunderstorms today. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

OH! This was my 100th post!