The Vision

So in the last post I mention the seer of the kindred I am in the process of joining had a vision about me. I’m not going to go over it word for word.

This is going to be super long so I’m putting it behind a read more line. It gets sort of personal so that makes it easy for uninterested parties to just skip.

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So to give everyone a heads up, I’m going to be making a lot of changes here.

There are reasons for this and I will share, but that will most likely be after all the changes are made on here.

Just a few updates for the moment.

I am single again, and the ex and has been going a little crazy on me. I wasn’t planning on breaking up with him yet but he had decided to start an argument with me and tried to blame the kindred for me changing. If the kindred is responsible for any changes in me, they are changes for the better and I will not apologize for that.

Speaking of the kindred, it has been going very well with them. They have made me feel welcome from day one. We had a ritual for Freyr and one for the Disir. I will expand on those in a more detailed post about the goings on there. All good things!

The seer for the kindred (who apparently chose to stay anonymous to keep things from getting awkward) had a vision about me. The chieftain’s wife (who is really becoming one of my favoritest people) forwarded it to me. Really freaked me out that that she knew it was about me because there was a lot of stuff in there that was super personal, that no one really knows.

There will be a separate post on that as well. That vision is really what has started prompting these changes.

At this point just touching base a little bit.

More to come.

Until next time my loves.

And keep Thor in Thorsday!

The Wolf and the Cups

So, as you may recall from my previous post, things are getting a bit on the complicated side with Fenrir.

Last night, I decided to do a simple one card tarot pull to try to confirm what I’ve been feeling (confirmation is always a good thing). Fenrir specifically requested I use my Tarot Illuminati deck.

that is the priestess card. gorgeous right?
that is the priestess card. gorgeous right?

Simple question, what does Fenrir want to come of our relationship.

Guess what card I pulled.


Ten of cups.

Just looking at the imagery it is pretty obvious.

I pulled it and looked at him and he just had this smirk on his face. I groaned and looked up the meaning per the book.

With the Tarot Illuminati deck, each minor arcana has a name and the ten of cups is call “The Happily Ever After”.

Could you be any more fucking obvious wolf boy? (Fenrir: That’s Mr. Wolf Boy to you.)

The description story just talked about a couple that met, fell in love and got married.

Well, that’s kind of that. No more room to question it.

I moved on and went back to my Mystic Faerie Tarot to ask Freya how she felt about it.


The knave of wands.

The description was about the knave always waiting before taking a risk to make sure what ever he does, he does it perfectly. But this waiting causes him to miss opportunities.

Thank Freya, for holding up the mirror for me. It does sound so a lot like me. Literally what I was doing yesterday was reading up on being a godspouse. Trying to find as much information as I could find. Research, it’s what I do. All the while Fenrir sitting behind me, shoulder reading. At first he poked my cheek and called me a nerd.

Honestly, with all the research I’ve been doing it really started to push the fact that I don’t really feel it’s right for me. I don’t know if I could make an astral relationship take precedence over a relationship this side of the fence. I haven’t talked about him much but I am still with my boyfriend who I refer to as batman. That relationship is going on four months now.

I know Freya isn’t wanting me to keep pondering this but it is in my nature. I’ll be discussing more with Fenrir on how this will pan out if I agree to it.

In the mean time more research. Especially since I told Him I’d give him an answer when the candle I special ordered for him comes in, and I just got a notification that the candle shipped.

Until next time my loves.


So I don’t tend to dream very often, and if I do, I really don’t remember them. I’m going to start out with letting y’all know I do tend to have some rather weird dreams.

I wouldn’t think much of these dreams except there is a factor they seem to have in common, they are happening Wednesday nights.

Last Wednesday I had a dream that there was a giant leach in my house that I had to kill. Now, not much out there really freaks me out except leaches, ticks, and some mannequins. Leaches are the big one. To kill said leach I had to actually hold it, cut off it’s head and chop up the rest of it’s body. This leach was about the size of my leg. I had to look this thing in eyes (well more like the freaky fucking mouth).

Now last night I had a weird dream but wasn’t as freaky.

I was out and about for whatever reason with my best friend. We were just travelling around for no reason, but I was pregnant. No idea by who. Just travelling and coming across weird things. Like we came across a bear, that was going to attack us, but was stopped by apparently its owner. Yea, the guy owned a big brown bear.

Not sure what any of it means. Any insight would be much welcome.

Like I said, both on Wednesday (aka Wodensday, or Odin’s day)nights.

This morning on my way to work I had to hit the breaks to keep from hitting a raven. That one flew by my car, and guess what there was another one. Later in my drive, saw two ravens again.

Odin, what are you up to? Seems like he can never be direct with me.

Tea Message of the Day

So everyday I drink a cup of green tea after lunch. The brand I drink is Yogi. It is blueberry green tea to be specific. I put a little raw all natural honey in it and it is amazing and keeps me from getting sleepy after eating.

The little paper that is attached to the tea bag always has a little message on it. Sometimes it really gets me thinking, sometimes they are just super cheesy.

I am going to try to post these every weekday.

Here’s today’s:

“Act, don’t react.”