The Golden One and the Wolf


I’ve seen this on Facebook a lot and it cracks me up. Happy Friday.


So since starting my work with Freya I have kind of had wisps of Frey’s presence. Freya once told me the honeysuckles at the edge of my yard were courtesy of Frey (my favoritest smell in the world is honeysuckle). I hadn’t actually met him until when I did my Profession. Freya had brought him along and we kind of clicked right away.

Frey has been nothing but sweet since our meeting. During the little dance that I had with some of Them, Frey spun me around and did a little dip. Made me a bit dizzy. He is very loving and cuddly. He seems to love resting his head on my shoulder.

Frey and his sister are a like in some aspects and opposites in others.

They are both seen as being deities of fertility but Freya is more of animal fertility and Freya is more of plant life/crops.

They are both very much on the affectionate side.

Freya is more boisterous compares to Frey who is a bit more subdued (at least to me).

He also seems to like the blueberry green tea I drink almost every day, though he seems to like green tea in general.

As how he appears to me? This image is really damn close, maybe a bit more on the muscular side. Him and Freya have the same eyes, beautiful blue.

As of yet, that is about all I can tell you. I don’t know where this is going or his plans for me just yet. As usual, time will eventually tell. He seems to be invested in me doing work with the Wolf Tribe, much more than any of the Others so that might be part of it.

As normal, I will post updates as they occur.

As  I said before, I’m getting a candle for him from Beth. Haven’t picked an incense for him just yet.

I guess this mean I’ll have to update the “Gods in my life” page again. Jeez. They won’t stop coming (*snickers from the peanut gallery*).

Until next time my loves. Enjoy your Freya/Frey/Frigga Day! And keep it sexy.

My New Stuff

Here is some of the new stuff I got as promised.


10 points to who can guess where this ring is from.

Guess it yet?

It’s Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. From the side it kind of looks like a cupcake not going to lie.

See a part of my nail polish collection? I have way more than I need.


My new drinking horn! I bought it off Fen at the Mead Day thing I went to. I’m still waiting for him to bring me my home brewed Strawberry Mead that unreliable bastard. In the background you can see my Freya candle (the front one, second from the top) from Beth. The scent is pure essential oils of amber, rosa damascena, and chocolate (similar to scent she uses for the perfume which I also have) and let me tell you it smells absolutely delicious! Plus the wood wicks are awesome. The candle closer to the back (the brighter one) is also from Beth but obviously not one she sells anymore. I’ve had it for quite sometime. It actually just stopped lighting for me today, so I’m buying a new one for him.


And my new stuff for momma Frigga. Obviously, also from Beth. This candle is scented with lavender, vanilla, and sweet birch. It’s kind of a cozy but sweet smell, pretty perfect for her I think.


I noticed while it was burning that the little sparkles on the candle were creating a rainbow. It was really pretty. I didn’t quite catch it though. Bummer.

Any who, the thing wrapped around the candle is my Frigga prayer beads from, you guessed it, Beth!

So somehow this post became an advertisement for Beth. Maybe I should start charging for this.

I kid I kid, I joke I joke.

If any of you remember the pictures of my sacred space before (what I call my non alter) there was a different cloth under. I just bought the new one. Trees. It was actually with Halloween stuff, but Halloween time is when I buy my regular décor. But I liked the trees and I thought it could be a way (for now) to incorporate Yggdrasil into the space. I’m running on a budget and I also can’t be too obvious with my stuff until I move out (living in a very Christian household does that).

I’ve ordered a Frey candle from Beth (still advertising) as well so just waiting on that since they are made to order. I will post on him becoming a part of my life as well. Might just take a bit.

Have been pretty busy.

As well as I will do a post on the Wolf Tribe. Still debating on doing recipes. Thinking maybe a recipe once a week on a set day. Any thoughts on doing that or requests are appreciated. Since most of them will be from my days in culinary school some of them might include a picture of what I actually made. I didn’t take that many pictures so no promises. Also planning on a post about being a Pagan/Heathen in the Bible belt and in a Christian house. Just my experience and some tips on how to cope.

Off topic. Checked the weather today. Next week is supposed to get into the 90’s. I just had to open my big mouth. But, like I said, with Missouri you can’t predict the weather too accurately. You can get four seasons in a week.

Until next time my loves.

Fall is in the air

Here in Missouri, the temperature has very slowly started going down. In the morning and at night there is a definite chill in the air and the days aren’t smoldering. If you stand in the shade it actually feels amazing outside. That also has something to do with the miraculous lack of humidity.

Autumn is coming folks.

I’m also noticing the acorns that have been falling on my street are turning brown (as in brown before falling) which is a pretty good indicator here.

I am absolutely loving this weather.

Gods only know how long it will last though. Missouri. You can get all four seasons in one week so too hard to really tell. Not an exact science.

But the signs of the wheel turning are pretty clear.

Soon there will be pumpkin everything everywhere, so be prepared.

 And I get to wear my boots again! I have thigh high brown boots that are my favoritest thing ever.

Now unrelated stuff.

I’ve gotten new stuff, which I will be sharing pictures of tomorrow.

Frey has become a new player in my life and I’ll share more about that as well. Honestly, with my relationship with his sister it was only a matter of time.

I had purchased Sebation’s Visions of Vanaheim and I have been working my way through that. I will let you guys know about that as well as I will start talking about my budding work with the Wolf Tribe.

I’m thinking of posting some recipes too. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. Keep in mind, I went to culinary school so I have all kinds of stuff.

Until tomorrow my loves.