Why I don’t do the French flag face


Just in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, referring to those that have changed their profile picture on Facebook so that it has a transparent French flag over their original picture.

I’d say about 98% of my friends on Facebook have chosen to do this.

Let me clarify that I don’t look down on the people who have decided to do this, I’m just discussing why I have chosen not to do it.

We live in an age of lazy activism. I can’t tell you how many times I see on my feed those “comment Amen” pictures of hurt or injured babies or animals. How much is you typing “amen” going to help that child or animal? Not at all, but it makes you feel good. The illusion that you have done something.

I understand people who feel like adding that filter shows their support. Problem is, most of the people who use this filter do absolutely nothing else. They change their profile picture and feel like they are a good person and that is it. They give themselves a pat on the back, or they are looking to get a pat on the back from their family and friends, or they are simply following the trend.

I choose not to do the filter because I find it pointless. Honestly I feel like the people that have put up a status about the incident on Friday have at least put more effort in. Words tend to put out a certain energy into the world, more than most people realize. I personally have done as much energy work as I can and made offerings for the French people.


I have already seen quite a few people who had put on the French flag already take it off.

I was also one of the few people who didn’t change my profile picture to the Pride flag when that was popular after the SCOTUS ruling. Before that ruling I had (and still do because there is still more work to be done people) been fighting for equality of those in the LGBT community, especially as a bisexual woman I am a member of the community myself.

Not a single person that I saw changed their profile to the Pride flag had ever shown any other form of support before or since. And don’t give me the “you don’t know what they do outside of Facebook” crap, I don’t add anyone on Facebook that I don’t know in person. So, yea, I know.

Frankly I’m just sick of trends like this. This lazy activism.

That’s just my two cents.

Really Just Sad – Part II

Part One

I wasn’t really planning on making a second part to this. This second part won’t be as…. well, emotional. This one is going to be more about something that irritates me, and will be shorter.

So I’ve talked before about the Heathen pages on Facebook and them constantly posting almost nude women irritated me (here is the whole rant if interested). Now, I’m not one of the ones to comment bitching about it. At this point I just shrug it off.

Sometimes though, I do look at the comments just to see if anything surprising pops up.

And this morning, I got a good one.

The picture was pretty nice, not gonna lie, but again was looking for a surprise in the comments. A man commented on the relevance of the picture to our religion. He wasn’t really complaining, just questioning what it had to do with anything. Oh, and boy did he get attacked.

The first reply to it was no shocker, called him gay. Because apparently if you are a male and don’t drool and made obscene comments about an almost naked woman you have to love dick. Perfectly logical.

This is exactly what happens. I’ve seen posts on Facebook (not Heathen related pages) about a guy being told he is gay because he didn’t take advantage of a passed out girl, with the comment that he would rather be called gay than a rapist.

That’s really fucking pathetic.

That is really part of the problem that society has, something that blocks men from being able to be themselves rather than fit this macho over sexed mold.

It really puts men as the predators with this kind of attitude. And the predator can never be the prey. See how these posts connect?

What Really Grinds My Gears

Let me start out with this.

Heathen’s tend to be accused of many things. One of them is being a bunch of misogynists. I believe the reason for this is that you will find a lot of Heathen’s are men. It seems a lot of pagan women are a lot more interested in Wicca. The main deity is the Goddess so I can kind of understand, especially when you compare that to a religion that seems to be most known for battle, and drinking mead (so very not true, but if you look at Heathen stuff, that’s a lot of what you will find in the mainstream).

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some pigs in the religions, but frankly you find them everywhere. It is definitely not heathen specific.

If you go back in history though, the Norse were actually really ahead of their time in the treatment of women. They had a goddess of war (my dear Freya), women were allowed to own property. They were in charge of the home, because they took care of it.

Fact is, that if there are sexist heathens, it’s because of today’s society, not the religion.


Now getting to my point.

On Facebook, I have a lot of heathen related pages that I follow. A lot of it is good stuff. Then I come across a lot of pictures of women in armor. You think “what’s the big deal?” The big deal is the type of armor they are fucking in. They are basically metal bikinis. Pretty similar to what you would find in rpg’s and really any video game that is set in a time or place where they wear armor and you have the options of playing a woman.

I’m sure you do!

There are a few pages that will every once in a while have pictures up of women in actual armor, and the comments are always awesome. But those pictures are few and far between.

I also come across a lot of pictures of topless women, holding their breasts to cover them, with a Mjolnir pendant sitting right in between them. And the comments are always ridiculous.

This, my friends, is why people think heathens are sexist pigs.

And it really fucking pisses me off.

You’re probably thinking “Silver, why don’t you just unfollow those pages?” Because they have a lot of good stuff, and tend to actually post some really good information. It’s not like I’m reporting any of the pictures (as a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever reported a picture on Facebook). I just usually ignore pictures I don’t like. I just get pissed off seeing this shit over, and over, and over, and over again.

End of rant.