Updates on Stuff

So I wanted to first apologize for being super inactive lately, mostly just doing a lot of reblogging which is not what I like to do.

Still having issues with motivation and energy levels.

I didn’t end up going to the Ren Faire, kind of sad, because my best friend forgot about it and chose that day to try to get a second job. Wasn’t happy but completely understood, I know she is needing the second job. We decided on a day after I get back from Montana to go.

Went to Irish Fest this past weekend. Enjoyed it very much. While there we stopped at the shops, the only metaphysical and Celtic stores that I know how to get to. Got two new crystals for my collection and a new tarot deck, which I’m also starting to develop a collection of. The new deck is the “Mystic Fairy Tarot”, lovely artwork and really called to me. I’ll be taking those to Montana with me to try out with my older sister D, remember the one that originally introduced me to Wicca (that I later got out of obviously), and taught me how to do readings.

The sort of big news that is involved here is that I am in a relationship for the first time in over a year. A long time ago I had mentioned a guy friend that I nicknamed Batman. Yea, he asked me to be in an exclusive relationship with him, and I accepted. He has been nothing but sweet and makes me smile constantly. So far there are high hopes for this relationship.

Heading up to Montana this Saturday. I’ve started doing a little packing, as much as I can before I get more laundry done (perpetually doing laundry!). I’m very excited to see my dad, D and my two nieces. My nieces always seem excited, but once I’m there they are always off with their friends just about the whole time. Teenagers, what can you do? Personally, I don’t understand it but I was mostly a home body even when I was young, and loved spending time with family I hardly get to see. I still love them and am in awe of how they are growing up.

My sister is no longer getting married due to complicated insurance reasons involved with her being now pregnant. They had to postpone it and she is very not happy.

I have managed to start getting into a relationship with Mani. Been in contact with him a bit. It’s a difficult thing to do because he is always on the move. I think I’m going to create a separate post on all that.

Not that I have been all that active lately, but while in Montana I won’t be active at all so I’m going to try to get a few posts in before that.

Side note: While I’m there I’m going to try doing a bit of those public shrines. If it works out I’ll post pictures when I get back. Either way I’ll probably post pictures of beautiful Montana. Maybe Skadi will pay me a visit near the mountains.

What Your Supposed to Be

People seem to have this need to put everything in their neat little groups. It helps them stay organized. If they put this in this little group, that’s where it belongs and that means they are/do this, this and this.

That works well with objects, not so much with people.

I’m going to speak from my own personal experience, but I’d love input from people in other “groups” and what they experience.

“Oh you’re a feminist?” that must mean you:

-hate men.

-don’t shave.

-chastise stay at home mothers.

-only care about women’s problems.

-are a “feminazi”.

-blame everything on the “patriarchal society”.

-are a lonely, fat, ugly woman with a  “bob” hair cut (yes I’ve heard a guy say all feminists are lonely, fat, and ugly with butch hair cuts).

-are actually just a lesbian.

-overly sensitive, and will attack someone over anything that could possibly be against a woman.

-will bitch out a guy for doing anything nice for you like opening doors.

-don’t wear a bra.

Oh you’re a heathen?” that must mean you:

-only listen to Viking metal (not necessarily a bad thing), and always wear their shirts.

-only got into it because of Marvel, and want to do Tom Hiddleston or Chris Hemsworth (because I’m a woman).

-are racist.

-just want an excuse to drink and dress like a Viking (my Friday nights are none of your business Mister!).

-are surrounded by misogynist pigs (because I’m a woman I don’t get called one).

-are a hipster that was too cool for Wicca.

-are a blood thirsty, war monger.

-actually worship the devil, whether you know it or not.

-are super open sexually, since your pagan (or a nice way to say I must get around).

-are doing it for attention from/to impress guys (because I’m a female Heathen).

-must fight with other Heathens about how to interpret the lore.

Oh you’re a woman?” that must mean you (not to be confused with the feminist one):

-are weak.

-only want attention.

-freak out when you break a nail.

-talk a lot.

-nag constantly.

-enjoy teasing men.

-hate sex.

-lie about how long it takes to get ready.

-lie about your weight and/or age.

-never genuinely compliment another woman, its a petty stab at her.

-only want men to buy you things.

-only want a rich guy.

“Oh you’re a nerd/geek?” that must mean you:

-are doing it for attention from/to impress guys (because I’m a female nerd/geek).

-have no social life.

-have no friends.

-spend all your time on a computer or playing video games.

-burn in the sunlight (I’m a vampire now? I’ll take it as long as I don’t sparkle).

-like all the nerdy/geeky things like WoW, or D & D.

-have no love life/are a virgin.

-must be easy because most guys wouldn’t want me.

*I’m not going to get into all the media stereotypes.*

“Oh your chubby?” that must mean you:

-are lazy.

-don’t care about your looks.

-eat constantly.

-just sit on your ass all day, everyday.

-are easy because most guys wouldn’t want you.

-are funny because you don’t have the looks (not sure how to feel about this one).

-are jealous of women skinnier than you.

-unhealthy, even when compared to people who are skinny and eat nothing but junk.

There are a lot of other groups I fall into, and frankly I don’t feel like getting into them. I’d say about 99% of these are completely wrong, and the one (well one, the feminist being chubby) has nothing to do with the category that I fall into. Some these are assumptions because I’m in both group A and B (usually in one group plus I’m a woman).

It’s seems usually the loudest of different groups are the ones that help shape our view of what the people in said group are or should be/do. Or are completely shaped by media/society.

Cleaning with Frigga

Yesterday I got to go home from work early because I work on Saturday. Usually I would just relax and enjoy the time off, and having the house to myself. It’s part of my weekend now after all since I have to work a half day on Saturday.

Nope, Frigga was having none of that. So I dusted my room (for the first time ever), vacuumed, cleaned my… umm….well I don’t really consider it an altar but it could be seen as one, and did a nice bit of laundry.

Having my room nice and clean, I decided I’d share some of the highlights of my room.

My non altar?
My non altar?

I have quite a few crystals, not all of them are set up here. If you want to know what ones are sitting there, I can list them off. The candle I had dedicated to Frigga (I engraved her name in runes into it) is currently lit. The pink one is my Freya candle, and the other one that is red but you can see very well is for Thor.

My little snow flakes are for Skadi, but she is still MIA. That is a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp
You can see Thor’s candle a little better here. Also engraved his name in runes, but obviously you can’t see that.


It’s still a bit of a mess. It’s from all ash going everywhere from my incense. That particular incense holder is actually pretty old. Got it quite a while before the Norse path called to me, and at that time I had a bit of an obsession with Ankhs.

This is hanging up on my wall next to my bed
This is hanging up on my wall next to my bed


Hanging above my bed.
Hanging above my bed.
My necklaces, only about four of them I ever wear anymore.
My necklaces and two of my bracelets. Only about four of the necklaces get worn anymore.

Yes that is an Everstar necklace for the fellow geeks that recognize it. The greyish/black necklace is Hematite. The one on the far right is commonly known as the Samulet. If you watch Supernatural you should recognize it. The tan band is a bracelet called “Irish Blessing” It has a claddagh, Celtic cross, and a little green gem. And in case you can’t tell that little orange ball looking thing is a gold pumpkin with a gold leaf.


My funko! pop collection.

Picture on the left, starting from the left is Charlie, Sam, Dean and Crowley. My supernatural collection. Almost finished, I just need Castiel. In the background you can see my toy laser gun (I’m an adult I swear!) and one box of my Magic cards.

The right picture is Merida and Batman (obviously). That little picture in the background is a panting from my best friend of Chibi Dean and a brown wolf that is mostly hidden.


I also collect masquerade masks.

That blue thing is an Xbox 360 controller
That blue thing is an Xbox 360 controller

The man abs you see if a picture of Dean Winchester (aka Jensen Ackles) which was a present. The husky/wolf in the middle was a present from my mom, the small one I bought myself, and the larger one my older sister bought for me. The Iron Man mask was originally going to be a present for Fen. It looked like crap when I bought it, so I repainted it. Then Fen broke a promise (again) and I decided to keep it for myself. Iron Man is my favorite Marvel superhero. The head piece he is wearing is from my younger brother’s Madrigal. Madrigal is like a mini ren faire type performance that his choir does every year. I thought Iron Man needed to be pretty.

So there you have it folks. An unasked for peak into my life.

More Feminist Stuff Part 1- Topless Wednesday?

So I’m going to touch on a few things that have been brought to my attention from my more-feminist-than-me friend.

We worked together at Wal-Mart. Everyone called her my work girlfriend. We were pretty close, but sometimes she can be a bit of an acquired taste.

I say she is more feminist than me for a couple of reasons. Feminist issues are about half if not more of the stuff she posts on Facebook, where in with me most of my stuff is Supernatural, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Batman or Ironman related. I do sometime go on what I life to call feminist-issue-posting sprees. Usually happens when I’m going through Upworthy.

Let’s start this thing!

First, she started with her profile picture being her topless and only covering her chest with her arm (something I can’t do without flashing all the little children, my arm simply isn’t big enough). It wasn’t her trying to be sexy or just get male attention. It was a statement on equality. It’s a part of the whole topless women movement. Women feel they should have the same right as men in their choice of clothing, i.e. they can go out topless in public without being hit with public indecency charges.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to this. Let me explain first that I have no issue with women wanting to go around topless. I just won’t be joining in on that. My problem with this form of wanting equality is it really is based in a belief that men and women are the same.


Yes we deserve equal right but we are not the same and it goes down into your DNA. Now, with everything there are exceptions to the rule and that would be anyone who falls under the genderqueer umbrella. If you asked someone who was born male but identifies as a woman, or vice versa would tell you there is a definite difference between the genders or they wouldn’t need to differentiate that they are not the gender they were born as. Genderfluid people are different, but not everyone is genderfluid.

There is one area where I have a bit of mixed feelings about this particular issue, and that is breast-feeding. I believe women shouldn’t be shamed for breast-feeding in public. This is an incredibly natural thing, yet people act like it’s disgusting. The baby needs to be fed, and that is the most healthy and nutritional (assuming the mother is taking care with what she puts in her body) way for that baby to be fed.

Again, if women want to go around topless, that’s their choice. I won’t participate and here is why. For me, my body is special. Only certain people get to see it. That is my personal choice. Now, I don’t exactly dress all that modestly (though compared to some women I might as well be Amish, but it’s their body, their choice on how much they want to show). I do show a little cleavage, and on the rare occasion, a little leg. That is what I am comfortable with. My feeling is if everyone gets to see it, there is no meaning behind it. It’s an intimate thing. When I choose to share my body with someone, it means they have something that others don’t, whatever it is that caused that connection between us.  However, if I have children, I would want to be able to breast feed my child whenever it is needed. Yes, breast-feeding is an intimate thing too. Not in the sexual way (the over sexualization of the female body is what causes breast-feeding to become something that is almost taboo) but in the way that is closeness, a bonding between a mother and her child. Something very special. The fact of the matter is, when a woman becomes a mother, her body isn’t the same. That is not a bad thing. The need women feel to fit in the societal view of women as sexual creatures causes some women to resent their children for “ruining their body”. No hun, your body is not ruined, just changed. You have changed into a mother, and personally, I think that makes you more beautiful. If your man thinks your body is ruined, he isn’t a man but a child that still needs to grow up. He doesn’t deserve a beautiful woman such as yourself.

The difference between being just topless as a woman and breastfeeding in public? Context. I’ll say it one more time, I have no problem with women wanting to be topless in public, but the true difference between that and breastfeeding is one is just for being comfortable or considered equal and the other is taking care of another human being. A human being that depends on you completely.

It’s kind of a complicated subject for me. Fact is, if you are a woman and want to be able to be topless in public, I’m ok with that (last time I’ll say it I promise). I personally though, will only fight for the right to breastfeed when it is needed without needing to hide it.

This ended up being a little longer than I originally intended, so I will be breaking these up into several posts.

Old Ways with a Twist

I know I’ve been talking a great deal about my personal life. Well here’s some more!

Been doing a lot of drinking and exercising over the past couple days. Awesome combination right? Skadi has been pushing me pretty hard to work out just about every day. I’m thankful for it, honestly. I’ve been feeling a lot better (though physically in paid because frankly I’m out of shape) and it’s been helping me clear my head and get in a better frame of mind. She was being a little sneaky yesterday and got me out in the cold. Yesterday it was in the 50’s temperature wise so when she pushed me to out I didn’t think much of it. Got out there it wasn’t too bad. About 10 minutes in, freezing wind hits me. She kept pushing me so I kept at it despite the cold.

Thor has been popping in again, not nearly as much as he used to. I’ve still kept him blocked out a bit, but not completely.

Freya has been coming in more too. I’m not exactly sure entirely what she’s wanting as of yet. The whole thing remains mysterious. As of right now, I think she is just trying to get me laid. It’s kind of funny. She’s been acting like some sort of hook up counselor. She’s trying to get me to open up more and has been getting me to contact a few of my guy friends that slipped under the radar during this whole ordeal with J.

Speaking of J, unfortunately I haven’t been able to boot him out of my life. I can’t be mad at the guy. He had no idea about my feelings for him and isn’t trying to hurt me. He is really insistent about being friends again. The more I’ve looked into the whole thing the more I’ve realized it wouldn’t work out. Yes, the friendship is there. We can spend a lot of time together and have a lot in common. Here’s the kicker. There is one key difference between a relationship and just friendship. Sexual attraction. Now he can’t say that he doesn’t have at least the slightest bit for me. I’ve caught him staring at my chest. He fits most of my type: facial hair, fairly muscular arms, taller than me. One key thing he’s missing: tattoos. Wouldn’t normally be a big deal except it isn’t that he just doesn’t want any, he’s afraid to get any. That says a lot about a guy to me, especially since I have one and plan on getting more (probably will do a post about this, one is hopefully going to be in the near future) and I have several piercings. Didn’t I mention before I want an equal? One big thing that is missing that would make things…well…unsatisfactory for me in the relationship. Lack of dominance. Through a conversation we were having when I was good and buzzed, I found out the poor guy is incredibly vanilla. I had taken it upon myself to explain to him exactly why he wouldn’t be able to handle a girl like me (again, I was buzzed). Or at least was going to attempt to explain. I got as far as asking him if he knew what a submissive was, and he asked if it was something about holding someone down, a move. Oh, the poor boy. Freya and I both got quite a bit of enjoyment out of that. Older than me but somehow so innocent. I have no interest in any of that. I’m not looking to teach any one. Kind of defeats the purpose. But, what can you expect from a Virgo (yes I’m one of those nut jobs that believes in astrology). I need passion, intensity, and frankly, I need it to be rough. I don’t like being treated like I’m fragile, if you thrust too hard I promise I won’t break. Poor J, truly is just vanilla. Very unfortunate. Not my problem.

Honestly, I’m kind of going back to my old ways. Chatting up Batty again. In real life I call him Batman. When we first met I kind of had a crush on him (anyone seeing a pattern here?) and I flirted with him quite a bit, awkwardly might I add. He’s super into Batman (something we have in common) and I don’t remember why, but he told me once he wished people would call him Batman. So, I started. I will talk about Batman as in the superhero so calling him Batty just works better. I called him that last night and he didn’t seem to mind. Don’t get any wrong ideas, we were just texting and I asked “What’s new Batty?” Batty has it all, physically. Facial hair, broad shoulders, attractive hands (I have a weird thing about masculine hands), tattoos, pretty nice arms, a little belly (yup I’m weird, I like guys with a little belly) and taller than me. We have hooked up before, sex was great. Relationship material though isn’t there. He isn’t a really long run kind of guy. He’s a good friend and good to have around while I’m figuring stuff out.

I thought about contacting Fen again, but I don’t want to deal with the broken promises and bullshit again. The in between was good but not good enough to really make it worth it.

Back to old ways with a sort of new twist. New perspective. New attitude about it all. Not exactly the same, but looks like it.

Sorry I haven’t posted much. Holidays, then before that work was insanely busy. I’m back though. Tomorrow I’ll post about tattoos and I might even let you guys see what I look like. How about that?

Just a little side note. I love comments. Bring them on. Even if it’s a differing view (that’s actually even better). Just don’t be a judgy asshole.

Much love!


Frigga’s Day or Freya’s Day

I’ve heard it both ways.

But its Friday! So much I need to do this weekend. I have just about all the Christmas presents but I still need to wrap them. I also have some special training at work today so I won’t be able to most much until Monday.

Finally got to watch the mid-season finale of Arrow. I’m pretty sure CW is trying to drive me insane. Again, I won’t give spoilers but the episode is highly upsetting.

Again trying to think of what I want to post today. There is just so much! If I get the chance I most post something about my personal life, mostly because it is a situation that I will mention more in just random stuff about what is going on. It is about my nonexistent love life.

*Gasp*! A feminist has a love life?!

I know, I know. But like I said before, there are men I like and some I even love. Quit with your stereotypes. But it is mostly non existent. It’s hard to tell. Men are not as simple as they like women to believe.

We shall see if I have the time. I will eventually make a post about it.

Have a lovely Frigga’s day, of Freya’s day. Maybe celebrate both!

Happy Thor’s Day

So it’s that lovely time of the week, sometimes known as Friday Eve. It’s so close to the end of the week that you could almost taste the weekend but it just isn’t there yet.


This is also the day that Thor tends to be most active with me. We have this agreement that I wear red every Thursday. Technically I wear it everyday since he talked me into dying a small chunk of my bangs red, but I like the way it looks with my black hair so it works out.

At the moment I’m kind of stalling. Trying to decide what particular topic I want to talk about next. Unfortunately I have a tendency to have fifty-million subjects running around in my head at any given time. It’s why I have a tendency to jump subjects a lot in conversations and end up totally lost in the area of “completely unrelated to the original topic“.

Got to watch my America Horror Story: Freak Show last night. I’m going to be honest, kind of disappointed with this season. Just isn’t as scary and messed up as it used to be. Last season, The Coven, was my favorite. That season wasn’t all that scary either but the plot line was good (in my opinion). I don’t know. One of my favorite shows is slowly going down hill.

My all time favorite show Supernatural just about killed me this week. I hate mid-season finales so much! I can’t wait a whole damn month with these cliff hangers. UGH! The Flash is just as bad. I almost screamed at the end of the episode (don’t worry, won’t give spoilers.) All I got to say is if you haven’t watched CW’s new show The Flash, all I have to say is: Do it! Do it right meow! So good. Especially if you like The Arrow, though The Flash is a lot more…..I don’t know.. light-hearted? Not quite as dark.

I’ll be posting a couple more as soon as I swim through my sea of the thoughts and pull out the topics for today.


The New Wonder Woman – Bust Size? Really?

 So as most know, in the second Superman movie aka Superman vs. Batman, Ben Affleck is not the only controversial casting choice.

This movie has jumped through so many different women for playing Wonder Woman it’s hard to keep up. Frankly, I’m just glad that it isn’t going to be Meghan Fox. Can’t stand her.

They finally settled on former model, Gal Gadot. She also played in a couple of the Fast and the Furious movies. Remember her? Most don’t.

Looks like she's got some fight in her
Quit criticizing her body, or she’ll shoot

Honestly from what I’ve seen, none too impressive. Though it is really hard to follow up a legend like Lynda Carter.

Gal doesn’t have a very impressive resume, and it takes great acting chops to be able to hold a franchise like Wonder Woman on your shoulders (because that’s the plan, starting building up to her own movies etc.). To say the least, I’m concerned. Wonder Woman is an Amazon, a symbol of female empowerment. She got to save the man, instead of the other way around.

Physically, Gal doesn’t exactly fit the Amazon image. Though, it isn’t unheard of for actors or (very rarely) actresses to bulk up for a role and she has the exotic look down. My biggest problem with the criticism on the casting (and it is 100% coming from the male fan base of DC, not saying all males though) is that apparently her boobs aren’t big enough.

Let me say this again. HER BOOBS AREN’T BIG ENOUGH.

Are you fucking kidding me? Just because for once a female superhero isn’t extreme enough in her proportions that you can’t get your nerd rocks off she isn’t good enough?

 If you look at the females in comic books they always have rib breakingly small waists, large breasts and shapely rear. Just unrealistic, if you want to be 100% real that is. Comic books are the biggest culprits in unrealistic expectations of the female form, but I still enjoy them. I mean, you can’t really ask comic books to be realistic when you have a guy flying around that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. But to try to hold real life people to those kinds of standards is absolutely ridiculous. But if you took the comic book Wonder Woman and put her in real life, and tried to make her a model, she would be a plus size model. Stew on that for a moment.

I will be giving Gal a chance. She is still fairly new to the silver screen so she may blow our minds when she hasn’t had a chance to before.

We shall see.