The Vision

So in the last post I mention the seer of the kindred I am in the process of joining had a vision about me. I’m not going to go over it word for word.

This is going to be super long so I’m putting it behind a read more line. It gets sort of personal so that makes it easy for uninterested parties to just skip.

The message was forwarded to me by the Chieftain’s wife. Frankly when she told me the seer had a vision about me, it really made me nervous and apparently there was a good reason why.

“There is a young woman. She wears a powerful sign about her neck. It adds unbalance to her. She would be better suited to wearing it about her waist. Ideally on a silver chain.”

This was apparently referring to the helm of awe (Ægishjálmr)  necklace that I wear often. So I have stopped wearing if for the moment. Haven’t figured out yet how I would wear it around my waist.

“She is a water sign.”

Guilty. Sun sign is Cancer.

“She outwardly accepts Wolf but more truly she is Otter..”

This is the one hardest for me to deal with. I really don’t see myself associating with the otter. A few days later the seer sent her another message for me.

“An otter will teach them….

In Native American symbolism the otter is the wise who plans for the future, takes care of needs and is a lifetime partner.”

That sounds about right. The more I learn about the otter the more I see it, but I won’t let go of the wolf. Not yet. Has been far too dear to me for far too long. It has a lot to do with the loner attitude that I have had for a very long time and has served me well (though hasn’t been kind to any kind of social life). There is another side to the wolf though, and that is the pack mentality. I think this side will do me well, I just need to harness it.

I am in the process of trying to balance these two.

That and I really just have a deep love for wolves.

Moving on.

“Celtic Woman who needs…guidance on self-harmony.”

Not really much I can say on this part.

“At issue is how the Moon plays upon her. There is a mirror. She feels a disproportion…like people who are  short and wish to be taller or folk are wide in the frame and feel less… graceful. I wouldn’t say it is all self-esteem related but when you look in the mirror, by yourself your eyes can’t perceive the lies you wish for.”

Well, I am a Cancer so of course the Moon. The Moon (and extension Mani) will most likely always be a very big part of me and I don’t see that as bad thing. Might be referring to my moodiness……

The rest of that? Yea pretty obvious. I’m a chubby girl (lost a little more weight, yay!) and I have been since I was child. I have been told my whole life that I don’t look like I should.

“What will help her is to show her the ability to look at the Internal Mirror. That reflects the inner self. That which intimate perception see’s. She is Out of Phase. Part of her heart lie’s elsewhere. A hidden part of her life is second guessing where she is.”

See the reflections part comes in with the new overhaul of the blog? This is something I am taking up. Being single again I now have a lot more time to do some soul searching and do more internal work. A lot of stuff to figure out.

“Externally she promotes…Athena but she must geed that image. It is not a natural state. I guess there was a time she was terribly hurt and recover required a 180° shift. Say feminine to warrior. Top 40 to Metallica.”

So funny story about the mention of Athena. I’ve realized that she was sort of my first encounter with Pagan Gods.

So when I was young I was super obsessed with Greek Myths. Any book in any library in the vicinity that involved Greek myths I read it. Athena was my favorite. The Goddess of War and Wisdom. What’s not to love? Then I read the story behind Medusa and noped the fuck out being a victim of sexual violence myself.

So interesting that She came up.

And I would guess two abusive step father’s in a row (first physical, second emotional) would count as getting terribly hurt. Before the second step father I was very quiet, never talked to anyone but people I had somehow made friends with already. I liked the popular country and pop music at the time. Come the second step father and yea, I guess it was a 180° shift. I became more “take no shit” kind of person and that was when my taste in rock and heavy metal developed.

“Her partner(s) never have the depth. I guess she gave all and was betrayed. Young loves often end that way. She loves logic but stressful situations bring out emotion. This is why she chooses men that are not her equal.”

True, true (more than once) and true. Not so sure about the loving logic thing though… I tend to be an emotion based creature after all. Now when it comes to love I do tend to be a bit more of thinker. My Venus is in Gemini, for those of you who know a thing or two about that.

“White the Wolf she calls is part of the moon and dwells near the water, it can never immerse and accompany her to the grottoes within. The otter is better for her. More… immersing in water.”

Honestly it sounds more like the wolf and otter in this scenario is not me but a possible lover?

“Woad….the natural deep blue I see. That is her aura. She wears black too often.”

First of all, I wear a lot more color than I use to thank you very much!

 Anywho, I went back and asked her about the blue aura, I’m really not all that familiar with auras.

“It indicates a great wisdom, beyond your years, and a sensitivity to your surroundings….empathic..”

I had thought for quite some time that I was an empath. I never did much with it because saying you’re an empath is kind of the popular thing to do in the pagan community. Now I have gotten confirmation of being an empath from four different people (and these are not people I told I thought maybe I was, they just told me I was out of no where), not only an empath but apparently a powerful one.

She has been teaching me how to shield and ground.

It really freaked me out that they knew this was about me. They just knew. When she first sent the vision from the seer to me I had to read it a couple times and honestly, it made me tear up. The fact that someone who didn’t know me came up with all that and now two other people (Chieftain’s wife and the diviner from the kindred) know all this about me and it just made me feel very vulnerable.

Any thoughts or any insight into any of this would be most appreciated. Will probably get with one of the diviners from the kindred soon to try to hash out some details. The only problem is letting down the rather thick walls I have between me and everyone else.

Until next time my loves!

3 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Feels a bit weird to comment on such a personal post, but I wanted to say I definitely got the “blue aura” vibe from you the first time I ever saw your blog. Also wanted to say that you’re very strong for feeling comfortable posting all that, and that the new design looks awesome! 😀 Very smooth. Fluid. Good thing for water sign.

    Much love, friend. I know we don’t talk too much, but, *digital hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow. Yeah, feelings of vulnerability abound when someone knows deeply personal things about you that you haven’t shared. Thinking about the helm of awe necklace… Maybe keep it in your pocket instead for now. That’s all I can think of to keep it near your waist unless you turn it into a belt buckle or dangle it from a carabiner or something from your belt loop. Hmm…

    Liked by 1 person

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