The New, The Shiny

Just doing a little showing off of the new (newish) stuff.

I finished the revised Thor necklace as well.

Pictures await.


Please ignore the fact that my mirror is dirty, no matter how many times I try to clean it, for some reason that stuff won’t come off. Plus the dirty carpet (this room has been through three children so yea). Oh and my bed is a mess. I was getting ready to go to the boyfriend’s house when the package arrived and I simply couldn’t help myself.

I love my new sweater!

If you can’t read it says “Fa La La La La Valhalla La”.

I got it in a bigger size on purpose and it is super comfortable. I first saw it online and was a “that is too funny, must have!” moment. Showed it to my boyfriend, he loved it too. Long story short, we now have matching sweaters. Officially a super cheesy couple.


So when I went to Pagan Pride with my best friend a couple weeks ago, she ended up buying me a bracelet. The original only had the key, the center tree and the moon charms. I really liked it but decided I’d turn it into a little devotional charm bracelet.


Not the best pictures, but oh well.

The knotting really is more of a touching on my Celtic heritage thing.

Key for Momma Frigga.

Next the key is a bit hard to tell but it is a cat, for Freya. Best thing I could find.

Tree is pretty obvious.

Lightning bolt obviously for Thor.

Moon for Mani.

Snowflake for Skadi.

Then another tree. The first one (middle one) is full of leaves for Spring and Summer. The last one is bare for Autumn (after leaves fell) and Winter.

Those were really the only ones I could find. I will be adding as I find more appropriate charms.

Alright so reminder of the original necklace:


which broke while at work, a request from Thor to redo it.

And now the new one!




The sun was super bright the day I was taking the pictures so I might look a little high in the first picture. As you can see I did change quite a bit. I took out most of the silver spacers and most of the silver knots. Before the silver knots I have a smoky quartz for each. I replaced the silver spacers with hematite spacers to make the necklace darker and quite a bit more to make it longer. Not counting what I took out I kept it in the same order mostly and kept the iolite, smoky quartz and aqua aura quartz. It was a little bit of a pain, Thor over my shoulder and making it a bit different than what I was planning. If he didn’t want it in there he made sure I couldn’t find it. But I love the finished product so I can’t complain too much. There is a possibility of me redoing it later because I’m still not all that great at the crimping part. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’ll figure it out.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Needing new Freya, Frigga, Fenrir candles and plan on commissioning for a Hel candle. The scent on that one will be tricky to figure out. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Those will probably be waiting a bit. It is now the time of year I am starting to do my Christmas shopping. Giving gifts is the best part of Christmas for me. I love seeing the look on my family’s faces. I always put a lot of thought into the presents I get.

Until next time loves!

4 thoughts on “The New, The Shiny

  1. You did a really good job on the re-worked necklace. *is proud* Also, I have had experience with People shoulder-observing while I’m beading and something looks a little different than originally intended. *nods*

    I’ve made candles by commission for Hel before. My current scent blend for Hel (perfume oil/incense for sale) is a blend of jasmine, lavender, amyris, anise, thyme and vanilla, which has associations of mystery and remembrance. When I make incense for my own personal use re: Hel, I also usually add a little bit of camphor because it’s a scent that, for me, has associations of when I was a kid and got sick and my mom would do Vicks VapoRub and I’d feel better, and camphor is often used in cleansing, purification and protective work, so there’s this combined association of maternal comfort + healing and I associate Helheim as a place of not just rest for the dead, but also healing and comfort. Anyway, that’s just my $.02 re: scent suggestions for Hel…

    I am envious of the Fa La La La Valhalla La sweater, I’ve been considering getting one of those and I probably will now. 😛

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  2. Really nice things – sweater, necklace, bracelet 🙂 I didn’t think you looked high in the one photo, though – and not tired, either (no red in or around your eyes) – but almost trance-like … funny, how an impression from a picture can build like that! What I did not see in your photos was the kind of clasp you are using, if any, for the necklace?

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