Two Wolves and the Thunderer

So with all this stuff going on with Fenrir, I haven’t talked much about Thor.

For the new viewers at home, Thor was the first of the Norse to come into my life and he had very much approached me. It was at a time when I was trying to find what religion would be right for me after falling out of Wicca (the gateway to being pagan for most). I had briefly looked at the Norse Path, and apparently grabbed his attention, deciding to bust down the door.

Fenrir is a lot newer as far as the Gods in my life, but he really likes pushing things forward quickly.

With Fenrir being very obvious about wanting marriage, I have been worried about how Thor might feel about this. I had previously made it very clear about not wanting to be a godspouse. Now, I’m not so sure on it.

Yesterday being His day, I had a sit down with him. I whipped out Tarot Illuminati again. I’m not going to get into the specific cards this time because there were several. I really just asked him what he is wanting to become/ get out of our relationship.

I had to pull several cards because this one was a bit more complicated. With Fenrir, the card I pulled was incredibly obvious so I didn’t feel the need to go any further.

Here’s what came of it.

With Fenrir coming into the picture, Thor has kind of taken a side step back. I was getting a bit of the new shiny thing syndrome. Thor and I need to renew our relationship, strengthen our bond. He is wanting an oath, but he also needs me to push aside my fears. The fears that I’ll end up being more of a god slave than godspouse. The he will demand my life, spiritual and mundane, become all about him and that I won’t have any freedom anymore. The fear that I won’t be able to choose anymore. In all of this, I have to make the decision on what will happen.

I promised Fenrir that once his candle comes in I will give him an answer. But, we have now made an agreement that if I agree to marriage, it won’t happen for awhile. Not until I get my relationship with Thor completely back on track. So, if I agree it’s going to be more like an engagement.

There is also a chance it may end up being a sort of three way wedding.

I have agreed to a blood oath with Thor. He has been in my life so long it kind of just seems like an about time situation (just like with my Profession). I will being doing this in the form of a tattoo. I have issues with hurting myself on purpose (Gods know I’ve done it plenty of time on accident), I just can’t get myself to do it. Even something as simple as pricking my finger.

So now, I need to start saving up for the tattoo and figure out exactly what I will get for Him. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Today the boys are giving me a break, minus a quickly with Thor this morning. Freya is spending some time with me, helping me with this possible adjustment. Honestly, I’m incredibly nervous.

Until next time loves. Happy Freya day!

6 thoughts on “Two Wolves and the Thunderer

  1. Ooh, a tattoo! Well, there’s the obvious Mjolnir choice. But what about His name in runes, with the letters forming a bindrune? Or something less obvious, like a little storm cloud with a lightning bolt? (Ok, I was thinking of Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark there, ha!) Lots of options! 🙂

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  2. Yeah, Dad can be pretty complicated at times! Wonder what tattoo you’ll end up getting. I’m working on having something designed for both Thor and Brigid, probably something along the lines of a mix between His hammer and Her cross, but it’s going to be a long while before I can get it, especially as it’s probably going to end up costing a lot of money.

    Thor and I used to have a buddies kind of a relationship, still doo actually, but things got really messed up at one point and we stopped talking for a while. Took Brigid, Frigga, and Hella to knock some sense into both of our heads and get things back on track, which happened earlier this year. Of course, at that point, he finally spilled the beans about being my dad. Now it’s more like the kind of father and son relationship where they’re best friends. He can be serious and responsible when he needs to be, but more time then not he’s here to hang out, have fun, and just be one of the guys, usually with either Loki or Set in tow.

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