The Wolf and the Cups

So, as you may recall from my previous post, things are getting a bit on the complicated side with Fenrir.

Last night, I decided to do a simple one card tarot pull to try to confirm what I’ve been feeling (confirmation is always a good thing). Fenrir specifically requested I use my Tarot Illuminati deck.

that is the priestess card. gorgeous right?
that is the priestess card. gorgeous right?

Simple question, what does Fenrir want to come of our relationship.

Guess what card I pulled.


Ten of cups.

Just looking at the imagery it is pretty obvious.

I pulled it and looked at him and he just had this smirk on his face. I groaned and looked up the meaning per the book.

With the Tarot Illuminati deck, each minor arcana has a name and the ten of cups is call “The Happily Ever After”.

Could you be any more fucking obvious wolf boy? (Fenrir: That’s Mr. Wolf Boy to you.)

The description story just talked about a couple that met, fell in love and got married.

Well, that’s kind of that. No more room to question it.

I moved on and went back to my Mystic Faerie Tarot to ask Freya how she felt about it.


The knave of wands.

The description was about the knave always waiting before taking a risk to make sure what ever he does, he does it perfectly. But this waiting causes him to miss opportunities.

Thank Freya, for holding up the mirror for me. It does sound so a lot like me. Literally what I was doing yesterday was reading up on being a godspouse. Trying to find as much information as I could find. Research, it’s what I do. All the while Fenrir sitting behind me, shoulder reading. At first he poked my cheek and called me a nerd.

Honestly, with all the research I’ve been doing it really started to push the fact that I don’t really feel it’s right for me. I don’t know if I could make an astral relationship take precedence over a relationship this side of the fence. I haven’t talked about him much but I am still with my boyfriend who I refer to as batman. That relationship is going on four months now.

I know Freya isn’t wanting me to keep pondering this but it is in my nature. I’ll be discussing more with Fenrir on how this will pan out if I agree to it.

In the mean time more research. Especially since I told Him I’d give him an answer when the candle I special ordered for him comes in, and I just got a notification that the candle shipped.

Until next time my loves.

4 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Cups

  1. AWWWW!!! ❤
    As far as being a godspouse and having mortal relationships goes, I do have a mortal spouse. And there have been times that They experience "things" vicariously through his senses. Not skinriding him, but like tuning into his frequency and feeling what he feels. They can experience tasting the food I cook, smelling my perfume, or feeling a hug. So having a human stand-in of sorts for Them to tune into doesn't seem so bad. Do some deities prefer no mortal relationships for Their spouses? Yeah. But Loki and Fenrir seem to use my situation to Their advantage rather than discourage it. Every situation is different, though. Just depends, I guess…

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  2. I wish the best for you and Fenrir!

    I drink with what Loki’s Little Hippie Witch said before me.

    I remember coming across the same trains of thought and points of view about the whole God spouse thing last year when Brigid finally let me in on the loop that we were married, and was married for a good long while by that point to boot. Navigating the whole spiritual spousal thing can be crazy and even a little scary at times, and I think, but could be wrong, that a certain part of this is due to the conclusion that is sometimes drawn after reading some spouses’ accounts of needing to focus on their deity spouse first or their mortal partner will be removed, or simply put, any sort of mortal partner(s) will be removed at all or are completely tabboo, and that may be the case for a number of folks.

    But it all really depends on the person and their divine spouse. Some deities aren’t cool with you having a mortal partner, while others are completely down with that sort of thing. Some of them will have certain protocols and obligations involved when it comes to that sort of thing.

    I was also married to a mortal partner up until recently (still going through the final legal redtape at the time of this comment), who is also a spouse of their own, and while we’re no longer together for various reasons that had nothing whatsoever to do with our divine spouses at all (and we’re still really good friends to boot too), things were okay with our personal spouses.

    Brigid’s cool with me having a mortal partner, with her being one of the ones who brought mymortal ex-wife and I together in the first place, and who used our wedding to tie the knot with me (though I was completely unaware at the time) and Brigid’s cool with me with having a mortal partner in the future, if it’s meant to be that is. She has stated herself that she doesn’t require me to focus so much on her beforeany mortal partner, so long as there is some personal time for just the two of us.

    But that’s just my situation – every spouse, would be spouse, partner, insert any other similar term that applies here, is going to be on their own terms with their own deities.

    Can’t really say much as far as Fenrir goes as I don’t really know him all that well personally, though dad (Thor), Uncle Loki, and Cousin Hella have been poking me for a while to do so, and it’s on my list of divine people to officially and personally meet and see how things go from there.

    (I also know, from reading some of your previous posts, that you have a bit of thing going on with Thor, though it’s not exactly the same as what’s going down with Fenrir. I’m glad to see that Dad is thriving with personal attachments with mortals again after a really nasty blowup that I had the unfortunate oppertunity to be a front row spectator of. I consider myself almost as much as a Thorsman as I consider myself Brigidine, and I dig your Thor post a lot. Regardless of the name placed upon or the exact nature of said relationship, I wish all the best with you and him too)

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    1. I’m really sorry dear. I don’t check through spam very often and just noticed today that your comment some how ended up registering as spam. Apparently I need to check through there more often. -_-

      The rather interesting thing that I’ve noticed here as of late is the similarities between my current boyfriend and Thor (my boyfriend even has a red beard which is pretty funny). Normally he is a pretty happy go lucky goof ball, but when I’ve mentioned my past (abusive step father) or the night I had some asshat tailgating me he got very serious and protective very suddenly much in the same way I’ve seen Thor act. So I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t some connection there. He isn’t heathen, he is actually closer to an animist than anything else but he gets really interested when I start talking about my religion. I don’t go too terribly deep into the more out there stuff though (like godspouces). In working on my relationship with Thor, there are also more agreements going into effect, like no relations with anyone but Him on Thursdays. Not sure how I’m going to explain that to him if we end up moving in together or something.


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