The Problem of Ritual Within Heathenry

I very strongly recommend reading the article that is linked in this post.

Personally I don’t see much of this beyond people on the internet. Heathens where I live are very few and far between. 99.9% of pagans you find here are Wiccan, and most of them are very young ( like my brother in high school and his friends), and those are even few in number, though increasing as of late. So, obviously I’m not a part of any kindred (as much as I would love to) or get to participate in any of rituals or blots. I basically do it all on my own, and I basically do it as a combination of instruction from Them, what feels right, and what I’ve found in the large amount of research I have done/still doing.

In the early time, before I was fully “converted” (aka when a certain Thunderer decided to invade my dreams and basically claim me) I was doing research on multiple pagan religions, mostly tied to some part of my heritage (I’m a mutt). It was a YouTube channel by an Asatuar, about the religion. He spoke in the video about the different sort of views/belief in the religion. According to him, some thought of Them as ancestors that needed to be honored (taking the Eddas very literally where they are shown more as people), some more as the spirits of nature (like Thor is the lightning and thunder, not the creator of), or the ones that do in fact see them as Gods. I really have a tough time seeing the first two, which the guy making the video says his beliefs were a combination of. That’s when I stopped watching his videos, even then it just didn’t jive with me. I certainly won’t tell him he is wrong, his belief is his belief and he is more than entitled to such.

Side note: a little sad about her comment about Supernatural. It is my all time favorite show, I’ve been watching it since the very first episode ever aired. Should by no means be taken any kind of literally in context of religion. I mean, Dean calls all angels dicks (which in the show most of them really are). If you have never watched it, please do! I think the episode that may be referred to here is the episode where the Winchesters were trapped in a hotel with multiple Gods of different pagan religions, showing the Gods as human eaters, also has Kali and Baldur dating which is quite the interesting pairing. Was incredibly inaccurate in any portrayal of Them (I mean, it has Loki as actually the Archangel Gabriel incognito so yea..), but they are there to move along the plot and were changed to fit it.

Gangleri's Grove

Today I saw an article by Scott Mohnkern on Heathenry, one that touched on the typical aesthetic of Heathen rituals and why they are so often devoid of beauty or power. First and foremost, go and read it now. The issues that Scott wrestles with in this article are ones that any ritualist, any Heathen, any Northern Tradition practitioner will at some point have to face. The article is a thoughtful read and i’m really grateful to Scott for jump-starting this conversation. That being said, I’m afraid I must disagree with Scott’s conclusions, or at least I want to add a few more points to the discussion.

Midway through, Scott makes the following comment:

“I’ve always described heathenism as a religion that focuses on three core concepts:
1 Efficiency
2 Community
3 The Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe”

He goes on to posit that the cause for the lack…

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