Goddess of Sex and War…..and Church

I need to start this particular post with a bit more about my family.

I do currently live with my parents and younger brother (DISCLAIMER: I am only 21. I had moved out before but due to job situation, moved back in. I pay my own bills. Paid for my cell and pay the bill for it. I pay for my car and insurance for it. I pay students loans. I pay rent to my parents for living there. I buy my own food and extras I need like shampoo etc. *cue destiny’s child song* So I am not leaching off my parents). As I’ve mentioned before, Christian house hold. My parents are what I like to call “super Christians” especially my mother. She listens to Christian music all the time, constantly preaching, goes to church every Sunday. Reads the bible (usually loudly in the kitchen) most mornings.

As you can imagine, things are a bit complicated. We have a sort of “don’t talk about it” approach to my religious beliefs. Mostly an “I don’t talk about it but Mom will constantly preach and force me to pray” situation actually. Despite this I am actually rather close to my mother.

We had a “family meeting” a little while back when my younger brother (all of 15) decided he was going to be Wiccan, put up an altar in his room and post all over Facebook (he has the parents as friends on his) that he is now Wiccan. Deciding now that since we live under their roof we have to go to church.

Being crafty like I am, I was able to negotiate for myself just once a month. This after explaining to them the true reason I hate church, i.e. the judgy assholes that go there that had given me dirty looks since I was a little girl. I actually don’t mind learning about Christianity. Some of it is truly interesting but I hear it more as just stories, myths, and a culture.

So now, actually getting to what I wanted to talk about.

This past Sunday was the day that I chose to go for the month. I was getting ready when someone decided to pop up.

This is the first time Freya has actually come to me. I was trying to figure out something to wear.

Freya: *sits cross legged on the edge of my bed* Wear something that shows cleavage. It’ll be nice out today.

And that was just about all I got. Took me a second to realize what was going on. It wasn’t necessarily that she wanted me to show off my goods to the people at Church. She wanted me to feel confident because of the way those people make me feel. Church people can be really good at making you feel lower than dirt. And they wonder why they haven’t seen me in a couple years.

I had been making attempts before this to try to get in contact with Freya. Trying to figure out exactly what changed here all of a sudden, but I’m not necessarily complaining.

I did end up taking her advice, and I felt pretty good that day.

Gods: They show up whenever they damn well please.


3 thoughts on “Goddess of Sex and War…..and Church

  1. That does sound a lot like Freya. We…used to have a much closer relationship, but that is most certainly her.

    I can relate way too much to the story with your mother. Mine was…a Super Jew, if you can believe that (never actually got converted, not that it mattered to her). So you can imagine how well a “Germanic Pagan” was viewed by someone with Jewphilia. Much was made of how I was ruining our family and she was deeply ashamed of my religious choices. On a brighter note, Hel has pretty much banned me from going into churches during religious services because I would debate with the preacher during the sermon. XD

    I do hope things get easier with your mother’s religious supremacy, if you ever wanna talk my door is open since I know much of what you’re going through. the email is on my blog. 🙂


  2. Normally, my mother and I are actually really close. We usually get along great. The only issue is when religion comes into the works. Fortunately enough my family is ignorant enough about pagan religions that they have truly no idea what religion I am or what a heathen would be. All I had to do was tell them I’m not a Wiccan. They aren’t oblivious enough to not notice something is up though.
    I do appreciate the offer, but as of yet it isn’t something I can’t handle. Just gets on my nerves a bit but oh well. I will keep that in mind though if I am in need of some assistance.


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