Heathenry – A Journey

Just going to talk a little about the path I’m currently on and how I got there.

It really started when I was a child. I grew up in a Christian home (it is still very much the case), going to Church on Sunday mornings and church group Sunday nights and sometimes Wednesdays. I always felt like an outsider. No matter what I did I just felt like I didn’t belong. I thought something was wrong with me. I felt like I was a bad person for not being able to connect to this religion. I didn’t know I had other options and I thought that this is just what I was supposed to do, being a Christian, love God, and enjoy going to church. It just never connected. The more I tried to force it, the more it seemed like it was getting worse. I would try to avoid going to church at all costs, only ever feeling like I was being judged by everyone there.  This went on for quite some time.

Going to stop for a moment to explain a bit about my family situation. My biological father and mother are not together. My father actually lives in a different state along with my two oldest sisters, we will call them D (the second oldest) and P (the oldest). P and I aren’t particularly close, though we don’t have any issues. D and I, though, are very close. Everyone says that I am just like her, including my mother. Every time I go up there to visit them I always end up staying with her.

 I’ve gone up there twice to stay the summer, and twice (now having a job) for just a week. D would give me tarot reading and she introduced me to Wicca. At this point I knew only a little about Pagan religions in general, though I never really thought of being pagan as an option.  She taught me how to give readings (something I’ve found I’m very good at and still continue to do) and really just got me interested. I jumped on the Wiccan wagon instantly. Thinking “I’m a feminist, the main deity is the Goddess, this makes so much sense!” I jumped in knowing very little. Just knowing I love being involved with crystals, and want to do witchcraft and it just seemed perfect. (At this point I still didn’t know about other Pagan religions.) I started telling people I was a Wiccan, liking Wiccan pages on Facebook, basically diving right in whole heartedly. Then I started doing research, wanting to make sure I was doing things properly. The more research I did, the more I realized, once again I found a religion that I didn’t really connect with. Nothing personal against Wicca, it just isn’t for me.

At the same time I was sort of involved with this guy (very complicated situation that I may talk about at a later time), will just call him Fen (he’s a follower of Fenrir. Gotta love all the parenthesis). He sort of introduced me to Heathenry, sort of. He put it on my radar more or less. This, after finding out that my family (from my father’s side) descended from Vikings. On the cover of the book about my family history there is a picture of a Viking long ship! I was sort of looking around, trying to find what piqued my interest and I really connected with.  It was between Heathenry and the Celtic tradition. Spending most of my free time researching both(making sure I didn’t just jump into something this time), when someone decided to pay me a visit.

Thor decided to bust into my dreams and claim me. At first I was confused on what was going on, Fen being absolutely no help what so ever. I continued research, and came across some blogs from Godspouses, and it all clicked. Let me clear this up right now, I am not a Godspouse (not that I’m saying it is a bad thing to be one), just a follower with an interesting relationship with a God. I will post more about that later.

And there you have it folks, the rest is history as they say. This is kind of the general idea of my journey, I will get more into my relationship with some of the Gods that decide to pop into my life as well as the one with Thor.

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